Any responsible, dedicated dog owner is always searching for new ways to improve their pet’s life and keep them as happy as possible.

If you’re a dog parent who’s looking for ways to improve their pup’s life, then signing them up to become a reading buddy could be the ideal solution.

Reading buddies are patient, loving dogs who, alongside their owners, help children to socialize and improve their reading skills.

Children of all ages can join one of our reading programs and read books to our K-9 volunteers. This process benefits both the dog and the child and is also fun for the dog’s handler!

The team here at K-9 Reading Buddies of the North Shore is eager to share the benefits of making your dog a reading buddy for kids.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog post, which discusses the ways that becoming a reading buddy could benefit your pet.

It Can Improve Their Social Skills

Dogs that don’t meet many people and other dogs of all ages and types might struggle to form strong social bonds. These dogs might also become timid when they are suddenly thrust into a busy environment, such as a crowded dog park.

As such, every dog must spend some time with different people and other animals. If you and your dog live alone, without a family of young children and other pets, then you might find it hard to socialize your pup.

Thankfully, enrolling your pet as a reading buddy could help you to socialize them. Your dog will meet plenty of children of all ages and possibly other dogs.

We often host events, so there are always opportunities to meet new people and pups. Your dog will get to meet many different individuals and experience a range of situations.

These experiences will help your dog to learn skills such as patience and calmness in the face of lots of distractions such as loud noises.

It Can Help Your Dog Get Into A Routine

Much like people, dogs enjoy and find comfort in routine. Becoming a reading buddy can help you to set a routine for your pup and make them feel more secure.

Often, you’ll get a slot at a similar time and place, so your dog will know when they will perform their role. Even if we host events that aren’t on a set schedule, your dog will still enjoy the routine of preparing for their reading buddy duties.

Becoming a reading buddy is a little like getting your dog a job. While not working can seem fun, after a while, it can become boring.

So, enrolling your dog in our reading programs could help them to feel more settled. In these chaotic times following the global Corona Virus pandemic, it’s understandable that dogs will feel strange.

As the world returns to a sense of the usual after the pandemic, you could give your pet a sense of normality by making them a reading buddy.

It Can Boost Your Bond With Your Pet

Dogs can form strong and long-lasting bonds with their owners, but it’s not as simple as it seems. To create and maintain this bond, you need to spend a lot of time with your pet.

That means undertaking joint activities. One of these could be becoming a volunteer with us and helping children around the North Shore hone their reading and speaking skills.

Only well-trained and relaxed dogs can become reading buddies, so you’ll need to train your dog and help them become patient and gentle.

Training your dog can help improve your bond with them, and as becoming a reading buddy requires a lot of training, you can easily bolster your bond with your pet by enrolling them in one of our programs.

It Can Help You Make Great Memories With Your Dog

One of the greatest sadness in life is that dogs don’t live as long as humans. Depending on their size, breed, and health, most dogs live between 10 and 14 years.

As such, your dog will only be in your life for a fraction of it, but it will have a major impact on you. Dogs are incredible companions and loyal friends. It’s no wonder that they’re often known as man’s best friend.

As your dog will only be in your life for a short time, you need to make the most out of every moment. That means finding fun activities that you can both do together.

What could be better than helping to enrich the lives of children? By becoming a reading buddy, your dog can make a significant difference in many kids’ lives.

You’ll also have amazing memories that you both can share. That means that you will be able to make the most out of your time with your dog.

It will also allow your dog to have fond memories of their time with you. While dogs don’t remember events the same way we do, they do have great memories.

Dogs often remember how a person or place made them feel. So, if you can share many enjoyable experiences with your pet, then you’ll make them feel safer and happier around you.

Find Out More About K-9 Reading Buddies Today

This article should show you that becoming a reading buddy could enrich your precious pup’s life and give you many happy memories of spending time with them.

These aren’t the only benefits of becoming a reading buddy; there are plenty, and often they vary depending on your dog’s personality.

However, this blog post should give you an understanding of why you should consider signing your dog up to become a K-9 Reading Buddy.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our reading programs and how you and your dog can participate, then contact us today.

We also have a regularly updated blog so that you can find out more about our events and reading programs. Our blog also offers practical dog care tips so that you can be the best possible owner to your four-legged best friend.