We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in North Suburban Chicagoland that supplements literacy programs using reading teams of registered therapy dogs and qualified handlers to motivate kids to read.




What People Say

“Thank you for bringing the love and support of K-9 Reading Buddies to our children!”

Nancy Rotering, Mayor, City of Highland Park

“K-9 Reading Buddy visits in our buildings have a positive impact on people of all ages. Thank you!”

Dr. Michael Bregy, Former District 112 Superintendent

“We receive so much positive feedback about the success of the K-9 Reading Buddies Program! Students really respond to the dogs, and their confidence and desire to read increases. Thanks for your dedication and work!”

Dr. Kristin Swanson, District 112 Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

“The K-9 Reading Buddies Program is an asset to our school and district!”

Chelsey Maxwell, Principal, Early Childhood Center at Green Bay School

“Reading to our K-9 Reading Buddy, Rusty, has helped our students develop a positive attitude towards reading. When our students read to Rusty they feel comfortable, safe, and confident.”

Dr. Claire Kowalczyk, Former Principal, Lincoln Elementary School

“I cannot say enough positive comments about the K-9 Reading Buddies Program. Students who used to avoid reading because it caused so much frustration and anxiety for them, are now loving to read.”

Dr. Lori Buchaklian, MSW, LCSW, Social Worker, Lincoln Elementary School

“The students are highly engaged when K-9 Reading Buddies comes to visit. They love to learn about the great work the program is doing to foster reading in a unique setting.”

Jessica Meland, 5th Grade Teacher, Red Oak Elementary School

“Two-legged patrons and staff alike love having four-legged friends visit the library. You can’t help but smile when a K-9 Reading Buddy walks through the door.”

Ann Finstad, Head of Children’s Services, Glencoe Public Library

“The K-9 Reading Buddy Program has brought new patrons to our library and their smiling faces light up the room!”

John Mitchell, Library Director, Highwood Public Library

“Our patrons loved opening night this year. As one first grader was leaving she said, ‘This is the best library in the universe!’ It’s all because of K-9 Reading Buddies. Thank you!”

Alice Joseph, Youth Services Librarian, Wilmette Public Library

“Our young readers were so happy to have a chance to spend time with, and read to, a K-9 Reading Buddy. The visits were a highlight of our summer reading program.”

Michelle Manfredi, Librarian, Naval Station Great Lakes

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